GLEN – Talking about Gambling and ND/ADHD

Gambling Lived Experience Network – Open meeting to discuss Gambling, Harms, and Neurodivergent Conditions

Monday 27th May 2024  12.30pm-1.30pm

GLEN are hosting an open lunch-time meeting to talk about the intersection of gambling with neurodiversity. The purpose of this meeting is to allow a Gambling Harms perspective to be formed around the factors which make gambling both attractive to individuals with Neurodivergent conditions and also a potential source of increased risk and actual harm.

This event will last one hour and is open to anyone with personal experience or interest in Neurodivergent conditions and gambling [harms].

While the topics discussed will be led by the attendees there are some questions which are hoped to be partially addressed, including:

▶ What draws individuals to gambling activities and products.
▶ Are there particular forms of gambling which attract ND engagement.
▶ What are the risks/rewards in gambling for ND individuals.
▶ Are there any factors which exacerbate the risk of harm occurring.
▶ What gambling features particularly or disproportionately cause harm.
▶ What would neurodivergent individuals and communities most benefit from knowing about gambling and gambling harms.
▶ Are there any characteristics of neurodiverse conditions, or about the current treatment and support environment for harmful gambling, which act to inhibit support and recovery.

This event is free to attend and spaces can be reserved via Eventbrite here


Loughborough Uni – Stump the Odds

Loughborough University – Stump the Odds: Understanding Gambling Harms in Cricket

Friday 17th May 2024 – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Loughborough University and Bristol University are hosting an in-person event looking at the role that gambling and gambling harms plays in the sport of Cricket.

There are a range of excellent speakers, including several with Lived Experience of gambling harms and of playing professional cricket.

Events include presentations, hosted discussions, break-away forums, and a round of lightning (3 minute) talks.

Cricket is far from being a male-only sport and amongst the presentations is one from the EPIC Global team looking at gambling harms within Women’s professional cricket.

The event takes place at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine located at Loughborough University.

The schedule of events is available here —> STO Event Schedule

Registration is available here

BKM – Life in the Recovery Lane

BetKnowMore – Life in the Recovery Lane Sessions

BetKnowMore are running a series of Zoom events held on Wednesday evenings featuring guest speakers and discussing aspects of life in recovery as a gambler, affected other or from a mental health perspective.

These sessions will consist of Guest speakers sharing their experiences and will also have Question & Answer sessions,

There are two amazing speakers coming up and BetKnowMore are opening these events up to anyone who wants to come along and hear from them. This is a really great opportunity to hear it straight from the mouths of Lived Experience pioneers who have a history of making groundbreaking advances which continue to support others experiencing harms from gambling.

Wednesday 1st May 2024, 7-8pm with Steve Girling from Reframe Coaching

“My story, charity and work with coaching and tools to help recovery”

Wednesday 5th June 2024, 7-8pm with Frankie Graham, CEO and Founder of BKM

His story and dream of starting a charity to help others like him.

For further information and to register to join please email