Join GLEN's membership and take advantage of the activities GLEN offers.

Join GLEN's membership and take advantage of the activities GLEN offers.

“Through honesty and integrity we bring hope without judgement”

The Gambling Lived Experience Network is “An independent voice raising awareness and support to people with gambling related harms”.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is for the network to be able to make a real difference to people’s lives, with a voice that can meaningfully participate and influence national debate and policy making across the gambling sector.

“GLEN is our opportunity to drive the agenda, to make lived experience at the forefront of development and implementation of the reduction of gambling harms on society”

Our Purpose

Respondents from our peer-led survey indicated they wanted a network to - Support people with lived experience of gambling harms, prevent people from experiencing gambling harms and influence change to the gambling sector.

This led to the development of our purpose:

“An independent voice raising awareness and delivering support for people with gambling related harms.”

Our Values

Honesty – We feel it is critical that as individuals in recovery we are honest with ourselves and others, and that the network should be communicating with trust with others that have experienced harms.

Integrity -With honesty comes integrity; the organisation will do what it says it will where it is the right thing to be done.

Hope – The charity will provide hope and inspiration for those experiencing gambling harms. The network can draw inspiration from people who have been there and are now leading a better life. It is perhaps only people with lived experience who can provide this.

Without judgment – As a network of people with lived experience, we have all been in that chair, we have all been that person. It is not important what you have done, what’s important is what you can do now.

Our Achievements

In the short time that GLEN has been active, we have achieved so much! This includes:

  • Developed a diverse ‘Network Development Panel’ ALL with lived experience of gambling harm to design and deliver the network
  • Researched what the Lived Experience community want from a new independent network developed with, for and by those with lived experience of gambling harms
  • Established and agreed Strategy, Purpose, Goals and Values
  • Governance training to decide on legal structure
  • Open meetings to update network members and interested parties on our progress and developments
  • Branding
  • Presented at: GambleAware Annual Conference 2021 and Glasgow City Council Gambling Summit 2021
  • Looking to make Lived Experience more accessible and change the narrative around what Lived Experience can offer

Our Plans

What GLEN plans to achieve in the future

“Become a platform for Lived Experience to be more valued and play a ‘bigger part’ in discussions.”

“Establish genuine partnerships, where Lived Experience is valued.”

“Have more involvement at strategic level and help to drive the agenda around gambling harm.”

  • Recognition of GLEN as an important organisation of people with Lived Experience of Gambling Harms
  • Remain independent and be based on the wants and needs of our community
  • Continue to establish relationships and work collaboratively with stakeholders in the gambling harms community
  • Use our Lived Experience to make a genuine difference