Talking Gambling and Neurodiversity

GLEN hosted a meeting on Monday 27th May entitled “Talking Gambling and ADHD/ND” as part of our plans this year to explore the links and connections which exist between gambling and neurodivergent conditions. This was an exploratory first meeting which offered a platform for individuals with joint experience of gambling harms and also neurodiversity to...Continue reading

Neurodiversity in focus

There was a very interesting discussion on BBC Newsnight last night around #Neurodiversity following the Nuffield Trust‘s publishing of figures showing marked increases in waits for #autism assessment and prescriptions of #ADHD medication. One of the guests discussing these findings was Pippa Simou, a Psychologist and specialist ADHD Coach, who drew upon her own experience of being someone seeking support and recognition...Continue reading

Open Network Meeting – Report

GLEN held an Open Network Meeting on Wednesday 27th March at which we discussed the network, our origins and purpose, our plans for 2024, and talked about our intention of recruiting LE individuals to join our reformed Development Panel to help deliver on some of our upcoming work as part of project teams, and also...Continue reading

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies

Tempus Fugit The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have now released details of future limits on on-line casino spin-type products. These limits are a cap of £2 per spin for customers aged under 25 or £5 per spin for everyone else. During our recent White Paper discussions one participant described how the thought...