Making this Mother’s Day a truly Happy one

Just two days after International Women’s Day comes Mother’s Day – also known as Mothering Sunday.

For #IWD24 we wrote about the fact that the risk that harmful gambling poses to women is greatly under appreciated – including harms derived from another’s gambling behaviours – and we flagged some of the amazing women only treatment and support services which are available to help support those suffering harm from gambling.

Links to those services are included at the foot of this blog so don’t worry if you missed them earlier.

But today we rightly want to highlight the role which Mothers, and all women, play in supporting those they love to access help.

Insight into the reasons why people access some of the most intense forms of treatment for harmful gambling behaviours shows that family members have a major part to play in supporting their loved ones in making that incredibly difficult move to reach out for help.

And in almost EVERY case those individuals who have accessed treatment have told us that the family members who gave impetus to this life changing decision, either through gathering the information about services available or though directly applying on behalf of their loved ones, were…

… and, yes, you probably know what is coming …


Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Wives, Partners

For one major treatment service over 15% of all people receiving treatment credited female members of their family with causing this to happen.

Not only does this again demonstrate the immensely important role which women of the world play in cherishing and supporting families but it also points to another truth which [us] men should take time to reflect upon.


If you are feeling bad about your relationship with gambling, what it is doing to your own life, then PLEASE spare a thought, indeed many thoughts, for how it is also making those around you feel.

Especially to, given the day, your Mothers.

Even if you think that no one else knows about your gambling the truth will be that those who have most reason to love you unconditionally will know that something is wrong.

They know you as no one else ever can.

They know you are not the person they lovingly remember.

And they WILL be worrying and despairing over you.

So, please take this special day as a spur to action.

If you really want to show your Mother [Sister, Daughter or Wife] how much you love her then give her the best Mother’s Day present you possibly can.

Reach out for Support – and tell your loved ones about it.

Please believe us – that will be the best ever present which you will ever give them… or yourself.

It will give them YOU back again.


If you are a woman who wants a safe space alternative to mixed group treatment and support settings then we highly recommend the following services:

Gambling Support Services offering Women only programmes

Thrivin’ Together – a community space created for “women impacted by gambling harms” and run by the amazing Nadine Ashworth.

New Beginnings – another support service providing a safe space for women affected by gambling harm. Part of another great Lived Experience founded charity, BetKnowMore. New Beginnings is headed up by Susan Cox and Lisa Walker.

Women Empowered – part of the recovery support offered by EPIC Restart Foundation and led by two Lived Experience champions in Jo and Stacy.

Gambling Treatment Services offering Women only programmes

Gordon Moody Association – Offer two women only treatment programmes – an intense (6 week) residential treatment in a wonderfully comfortable and welcoming setting, and a twelve week Retreat and Counselling programme which combines two short residential treatment stays (3 and 2 days) with remote counselling and group sessions which can suit many women who feel that they cannot take extended time off from work or family commitments.


And for the Men (and women) wanting to give their loved ones the gift of themselves back again:

Gambling Treatment Services

National Gambling Helpline – 24/7 helpline run by GamCare as part of the NGSN – Tel: 0808 802 0133

Gordon Moody Association – Yes, the life savers at Gordon Moody also run Men only treatment programmes too. 14 Week Residential, and a 12 week Retreat & Counselling programme.

NHS Gambling Clinics – NHS England specialist Gambling Treatment Clinics.

NHS Primary Care Gambling Service – Although based in London the PCGS provides treatment and referrals throughout Britain.

Beacon Counselling Trust – An NGSN treatment provider operating in and around North West England.

ARA – Another regional based NGSN provider, operating in Wales and South West England.

RCA Trust – Scotland’s NGSN regional treatment partner. Although based in Renfrewshire RCA Trust partner with local addiction services throughout Scotland.

BreakEven – An NGSN treatment partner based in the South and South-East of England.


Gambling Support Services – Aftercare and Recovery

EPIC Restart Foundation – A Lived Experience led charity delivering a range of services to those in recovery.

BetKnowMore – Another fabulous LE inspired organisation. Home of Peer Aid and other programmes.

Reframe Coaching – providing training in Recovery Coaching and also9 providing coaching to those in recovery.


Other Lived Experience led Gambling Resources

GamLEARN – Another Gambling Harms community offering opportunities and also groundbreaking support for anyone facing criminal actions due to gambling.

Gambling Harm UK – LE founded and raising support and understanding around gambling harms.


Families of those affected by others’ gambling

GamFam – GamFam offer support to family members seeking to support and understand harmful gambling within their loved ones.